Originally from Romania, I am a Dublin based multimedia artist and activist working in the mediums of Photography, Sculpture, Art Installation, Art Performance, and Painting, focusing on themes related to the environment. I studied oil painting (2002- 2006) and now I am a recent graduate (2019) of Griffith College where I earned a BA in Visual Arts, Photography. I am the winner of the “New Voices of Ireland” bursary award program series 7, sponsored by the Arts Councile and Participatory Arts. I was accepted in the Stand Collective Ideas program, a collaborative and creative initiative funded by Irish Aid with a focus on global issues based on the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) framework. As part of this initiative of Suas Educational Development, I developed the project “#StopWearingDeadSkin which reached 20k audience in the first 10 days after launch". My work was featured in the group exhibition “Cultural memory, transition, temporality” included in the “Culture Night Festival 2019” and several other local and international exhibitions.

I am the winner of the "Covid-19 Crisis Response Award", founded by Arts Council ( June 2020 ) and New Voices of Ireland 2020

I am working exclusively with materials sourced from illegal dumping sites around the city or collected from my own waste, paired with natural elements, creating an environmentally friendly practice. In painting, I am working only with sustainably sourced dry pigments (Earth Pigments) and in sculpture, I work only with upcycled materials (mainly plastic). I am the only artist in Ireland who has a 100% sustainable practice, focusing on climate change-related issues.

My work is a social critique of our consumerism-based society, an effort to engage the viewer into a reflection exercise and ultimately determine a change into the art consumer’s behaviour. The aim of this body of work is to challenge our mindset and determine us to reflect on the difference between need and desire. Today, the consumerism culture and capitalist myth distorted our perception of need, compelling us to buy in ever-greater amounts, generating waste which we are not capable to recycle.


• Nov. 2019 Art and Tech: Digital Art, Christie’s Education Unit London,UK
• 2016 - 2019 BA Visual Arts in Photographic Media, Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland.
• 2011 - 2013 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Master’s Degree in Banking and Capital Markets at „Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
• 2007 - 2010 Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication at „Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj- Napoca, Romania
• 2002 - 2006 Romulus Ladea - Arts Institute, Certificate in Oil Painting, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


  • 2020 Winner New Voices of Ireland organized by Center for Creative Practices, sponsored by Arts Councile
  • 2020 Online Art Exhibition "Waste to create", organized by Eco Aware Art Gallery
  • 2020 Winner of the Covid-19 Crisis Response Award, founded by Arts Councile
  • 2019 Accepted in Residency Program "Recycle that stuff", Costa-Rica July 2020
  • 2019 Selected as a panelist “Climate Action Festival” UCD, Dublin, Ireland (17.10.2019)
  • 2019 Selected for "Water for Life International Art Exhibition" Cancun, Mexico (07.11.19 - 15.11.2019)
  • 2019 Group Exhibition: “Locale III” Dublin, Ireland (24.10.2019-31.10.2019)
  • 2019 Selected for Collective Ideas- collaborative and creative initiative funded by Irish Aid with a focus on global issues (15.06.19- 25.08.2019)
  • 2019 Winner: "Noone Casey Griffith College Bursary Award"
  • 2019: Bursary award "New Voices of Ireland" Scheme funded under Participatory Arts, and the Arts Council Ireland
  • 2019: Group exposition “Cultural memory, transition, temporality” included in the “Culture Night Festival” (13.09.2019): New Voices of Ireland Scheme funded under Participatory Arts, and the Arts Council Ireland
  • 2019 "Graduate Show", Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland (06.06.19 - 13.06.2019)
  • 2005: Winner - National Art Olympics, Romania - Oil painting