Originally from Romania, I am a multimedia artist and activist based in Dublin, Ireland. My work spans a range of mediums including Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, Art Installation, Performance Art, and Painting, with a particular focus on environmental themes. I pursued oil painting studies for four years in Romania and graduated from Griffith College Dublin in 2019 with a BA in Visual Arts, majoring in Photography. Recently, I've been drawn to curatorial work, completing a Post-Graduate Program in Curating at Zurich University of the Arts. My studies focused on "Environmental Thinking in Artistic and Curatorial Practices," which I completed in 2023.

I have established a significant collaboration with the Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP), which has supported my professional growth through one-on-one mentoring sessions, exposure opportunities such as guest appearances on the CFCP podcast/interviews, and participation in several group exhibitions including New Voices of Ireland (2019, 2020, 2021), the Third Space Initiative in 2022, and a recent bursary award in the “Centre for Creative Practices Programme 2023.” Additionally, I was selected as one of 10 artists for the "Words Work" workshop series, which culminated in the “Mother Tongues” Festival in February 2023. The Romanian Embassy in Ireland honoured me by facilitating my first retrospective exhibition, “In the Land of the Green,” which I co-curated. As a member of the artist collective “Sceal”, I participated in the “How it’s Made” group exhibition, supported by the Arts Council, Fingal County Council, and Creative Ireland.
In my practice, I exclusively use materials sourced from illegal dumping sites around the city or from my own waste, combined with natural elements, to create an environmentally conscious approach. This includes using sustainably sourced dry pigments (Earth Pigments) in my paintings, upcycled materials (mainly plastic) and found objects in my sculptures, and recycled materials in textile works, all emphasizing climate change-related issues.

Additionally, I volunteer with Foroige & “Squad Up” teaching art to minors in my local community, while continuing my ongoing collaboration with environmental focused organizations such as the Clean Coast Organizations, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Extinction Rebellion.

Overall, my work serves as a social critique of consumer-driven society, intending to engage viewers in reflection and inspire positive change in consumer behaviour and attitudes. Since relocating to Ireland, I have been reconnecting with my Romanian roots, culture, and traditions. My recent works are influenced by my national identity, language, culture, and family traditions, as I explore my identity as an immigrant, woman, and artist, with a continued focus on environmental issues.


  • Solo exhibition of experimental videos “Soup of the day” including a new sculptural installation “Mass of Darkness” developed in collaboration with CFCP, based on the “Centre for Creative Practices Programme 2023”bursary award, curated by Monika Sapielak at D-Light Studios (11.12.2023 - 21.12.2023)
  • Group exhibition “How it’s Remade” organized by Sceal Collective, curated by Martin Hughes. The Wearhouse, Balbriggan (09.09.2023- 23.10.2023)
  • Group exhibition “How it’s made: meitheal” organized by Sceal Collective, curated by Valeria Ceregini, part of the How it’s made Festival . Culture night live performance: “The diary of a cotton thread”. The Vault, Balbriggan (09.09.2023- 23.09.2023)
  • “In the land of the Green” retrospective exhibition, curated by Tony Srtickland and co-curated by Leia Mocan , organized by the Embassy of Romania in Ireland at Palmerston House, Dublin 1. (August 2023)
  • “Under the Sterile" solo exhibition, works: "All that is left I", "All that is left II", "The death of the 160.000 years old child", "Point of implosion", "To be titled", "Slides" at GalleryX, Dublin (10.04 - 15.04.2023)
  • “Words Work" workshop series lead by Caroline Bergvall part of “Mother Tongues” Festival , video work “Blue/ Albastru/ Azul/ Neelam”, developed in collaboration with the professional dancer Subhashini Goda and the visual artist Cleide Regina (23.01.23 - 17.02.23)
  • Group show “Umbilical” at GalleryX, Dublin. Video work “New Umbilical” developed in collaboration with the visual artist Barbara O’ Meara, over nine months (January - September 22)
  • Guest Artist, Culture Night. "Many Voices" group exhibition by Arts Nomad, at Pallas Studio, Dublin. Live performance: spoken word poetry recital (bilingual);“New Umbilical” & “Umbilical Cord” (23.09.22)
  • 2Group exhibition "Against the Odds: Open Studios", by Center for Creative Practices, video work: “Umbilical Cord” (11.02.21-01.04.21)
  • Group Exhibition: “Locale III” A4 Studios , Dublin, Ireland. “Flat Line” - sculptural series “Beat I” & “Beat II”; video performance “Life support system” developed in collaboration with the audio artist Robert David (24.10.19- 31.10.19)
  • Collective Ideas- collaborative and creative initiative funded by Irish Aid with a focus on global issues Sculptural work “Stop wearing dead skin” (15.06.19- 25.08.19)
  • installation ”Plastic Pillar”; video work “Instructions I” developed in collaboration with the audio artist Robert David; mix media installation “Mirror, a portrait of the community, a portrait of the artist” including a series of self-portraiture photography (13.09.19-20.09.19)
  • "Graduate Show", Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland; photographic installation “REstART” series (06.06.19 - 13.06.19)


  • “Centre for Creative Practices Programme 2023”- bursary award funded by CFCP/ Arts Council, 2023
  • Artist grant “How it’s made” funded by Sceal Collective, with the support of Arts Council, Fingal County Council and Creative Ireland, 2023
  • “In the land of the Green” artist grant funded by the Embassy of Romania in Ireland, 2023
  • “Third Space” bursary award funded by CFCP/ Arts Council, 2022
  • Bursary Award “Covid-19 Crisis Response Award”, funded by Arts Council, 2020
  • “New Voices of Ireland Series 7” bursary award funded by CFCP/ Arts Council, 2019
  • "Noone Casey Bursary Award" funded by Griffith College, 2019


  • Post-Graduate Program in Curating, Zurich University of the Arts. Environmental Thinking in Artistic and Curatorial Practices, 2023
  • Art and Tech: Digital Art, Christie’s Education Unit London, UK, Nov. 2019
  • BA Visual Arts in Photographic Media, Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland, 2016 – 2019
  • Romulus Ladea - Arts Institute, Oil Painting, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2002 - 2006 *Winner - National Art Olympics, Romania - Oil painting, 2005